• She's Allergic To Cats

    She's Allergic to Cats, a short film I was involved in will have its premiere on July 21 at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. Check out this article with a trailer for the film! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Angel From Hell

    I'll be appearing on Angel from Hell Saturday July 23 with Jane Lynch - Hope you'll check it out!

  • Mistresses

    I'll be appearing July 18th on Mistresses, unless it's pre-empted by the Republican National Convention!

  • Veep and Mistresses

    • Appearing in Season 5, Episode 4 on VEEP. Hope you'll catch it.
    • Just shot an episode of MISTRESSES - what a great cast and crew!
    • And enjoying the long days of spring/summer! #Livingthedream!
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